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Mission Statement

We assert the inalienable right of human beings to control their own destiny and we condemn guardianship laws which seek to restrain the autonomy and agency of women with the Islamic world and we affirm the right of all individuals to leave the religion imposed upon them by family or society.    We also recognize the difficulty and potential for physical harm attempts to act on these positions may present for both men and women within the Muslim world. Therefore we have resolved to address the matter to the best of our ability within the construct of the society and communities these individuals find themselves.


Our aim is to introduce ex-Muslim women and ex-Muslim men within the GCC for the express purpose of creating a marriage so as to allow the woman to be free from the constraints of regional guardianship laws or socially accepted understandings of guardianship.


FHFM will screen potential members for suitability within the mission and objective of the website.  However, once approved, members understand they assume all agency to connect with other members and all responsibility to further vet potential aspirants as FHFM is not involved in the activity of members of the website nor can make any guarantee in terms of compatibility, safety or security. 

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