HY, United Arab Emirates

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Hi Jimmy

I'm very thankful and grateful that I was directed to the coaching sessions, it really changed my life and my perspective. My mentality was that I had no control over how I felt and that I was screwed from the start and would never be able to get over it. But taking these sessions one by one, every week, with the various techniques we used helped me look back into myself and my emotions. It helped me get over the anxiety and paranoia of how damaged I felt because of my circumstances.

I was also able to make goals and achieve them, such as finding and joining a community of people who share and understand my experiences. I'm still following all the instructions and points guided to me during these sessions and they still help me in relieving the negative emotions in me.

I tended to overthink and feel overwhelmed with things that happen in my life and I guess I let myself get so used to the stress and anxiety that I became unable to go on with my life.

Ever since I started doing the cognitive techniques I started feeling more relaxed and more focused on my daily tasks and activities rather than stressing over them.

Reflecting on what can go right in my near and far future really impacts me positively.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this happen.

HY, United Arab Emirates

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