Abdul, Egypt

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Hi Jimmy

I wanted to say thank you to you and everyone who contributed to making the coaching sessions happened. The sessions were very good and I couldn’t have asked for more in all honestly.

Before our sessions started I was in constant fear of failure suffering heavily from anxiety and depression and having many regrets about my life. Life as an Atheist in Egypt is still pretty hard and sometimes it seems as though there’s little hope but now I can see that there is still hope. The sessions helped me to gain confidence again and to open up and start speaking to people. They helped me to not be afraid of failure and to go after my dreams again. Speaking to you every week helped to encourage me to connect with other people and to open up to them. Reconnecting with people was the biggest benefit I received from the sessions and it reduced my feelings of isolation.

Thank you to you and the team and everyone who contributed.

Abdul, Egypt

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