Ama-Gi, Iraq

Updated: Jan 27


I'm Ama-Gi from Iraq, and here I share my experience with Jimmy Bangash from Free Hearts Free Minds.

Before starting my sessions with Jimmy I wasn't only suicidal, I was, in some sense, manipulative. I would bombard people who care about me with messages about torturing and/or killing myself. Something I tried many times before. I would refuse facing facts about myself, my attitude and my behavior.

Jimmy worked with me to not consider suicide as an option.

I want to put it simply here; from suicidal thoughts, self-isolation, hatred for everyone and myself, to re-realizing life, re-accepting it as it is, and going back again to the world and starting to make friendships, starting to focus on myself again.

I'm at a point where I can't really believe all we have achieved...

I'm not totally back yet but I'm more back than I'd hoped for.

I hope to continue my therapy one day.

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