Iama, Saudi Arabia

The headspace I was in was conflicted, I was feeling helpless about having a normal social life and was feeling alienated overall, I was in tunnel vision where I couldn't see the bigger picture where I can be both an ex-Muslim and fulfilled emotionally and socially.

The sessions helped me see the bigger picture where I can be myself and at the same time connect with people knowing that it's only skin deep and that doesn't invalidate my stance on religion or my environment or any other views I have, I don't overthink my situation as an ex-Muslim and I don't feel like a hypocrite or ashamed anymore because I know myself and I'm hopeful that things will get better.

The most rewarding part for me was being able to voice my concerns out loud and get to hear how they sound from a new perspective but also have an understanding eager ear to listen, Ayesha was brilliant and helped me get over a lot of the fears I had.

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