Kamal, Middle East

Updated: May 31, 2021

When I started the sessions I was in an angry place where I hated the way my life was going, skipping on my friends and family, and I just felt I wanted to be alone.

During the sessions I realised my mistakes in communication, and I also started realising others mistakes when communicating with me. I think I understand the social aspect of life better now. I am spending more time with my family, and highly performing at my job.

All this was not obvious on the first day after the sessions were completed. The time I waited before I sent this feedback, allowed me to see the results of how my life is improving with my improved social communication skills. I now have daily company in my trip to work, my life at work is enhanced and more opportunities appeared.

Much of the stress in my life is significantly reduced.

I will miss the sessions as this was a space for me to talk more about myself and focus on my growth and development.

Thank you to you and Yasmine and everyone else who contributed to the Free Hearts, Free Minds project for this great opportunity.

Regards, Kamal, Middle East

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