Lubna, Nigeria

Before starting, I was feeling all alone confused and broken. I felt like life was not worth living. Everywhere seemed to be spinning. I wanted to run and hide but there was nowhere to hide. I was constantly on sleeping pills just so I can pass through the day and not have to go through these feelings that turned me almost crazy.

But after my coaching, I am now able to handle situations better, I have a better understanding of why I feel a certain way and I am able to consider the other person’s feelings and not be too selfish making everything about me. I have come to accept that there are times I will go through difficulties, a phase that will eventually go away. I feel more in control of my emotions and am also able to not let things I can’t control take over me. I worry less about other people’s opinions of me and am even more confident in presenting my authentic self.

Communication with my partner has definitely changed. I am more welcoming in our conversation and not too quick to judge, for that reason my partner is able to open up a bit more. And I have never been happier raising my kids.

In general I learned to love and accept myself and not beat myself up when things go bad, instead be kind to me, everyone involved and even kinder towards the situation. I have learnt to handle anger nicely that’s for sure. A constant reminder I give myself is this fact that not everyone will accept me and my ways, and that too is ok. There is definitely a sense of peace within me.

I am happy I went through this experience exactly the way I went through it and wouldn’t change a thing.

Thank you Free hearts Free Minds for coming to my rescue and for an amazing experience.

Lubna. Nigeria

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