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Updated: May 24, 2021

I want to thank Yasmine Mohamed and everyone contributed through efforts or donations to the Free Hearts, Free Minds campaign . As a beneficiary of this campaign i can never express how much am grateful for all the compassionate hearts that helped to make this happen. For people like me in the middle east and the islamic world in general Mental / life coaching support is a serious tabu that can have negative consequences to people's lives , and especially for us who Chose to free yourself from Religion after critically evaluating it , the thing which resulted in huge social isolation some of us lost touch with their families and the other can't simply trust anyone with what going on in their life and their minds . For that reason we thank you for your kindness and support , thanks to all the beautiful hearts that are willing to help unknown people from across the globe , people who you might never know , people whose voices might never be heard , but with with your compassion you managed to make their days a little bit less darker and hope a little bit clearer .

1. Before you started your coaching sessions what space were you in? How were you feeling about life, what emotions were you experiencing, what type of thoughts were you having, how was your mental and physical health?

I remember when i saw yasmine post on facebook regarding this campaign i was thrilled , this campaign couldn't have come in a better time , i been going through a very devastating period of life , all the strength i had was draining and the trauma of 27 years of abuse and resistance took a huge troll on my happiness and personality the thing which was very threatening to my future and my chances of survival . I was feeling lost with a foggy cloud of depression blocking my thoughts and my thinking , it always affected my self worth and self esteem the thing which caused my anxiety to increase and affect my everyday life , it also affected my physical health the thing which i can see in IBS , Headache and lack of energy attacks .

2. Now that you have completed your coaching what space are you in? How are you feeling about life, what emotions do you experience, what type of thoughts are you having, how is your mental and physical health? The coaching session were extremely beneficial to me , after the sessions i felt more in control of my life after i started to feel that i lost control and began to give up . The sessions with Jimmy helped me to hold on into hope again and reminded me of my worth and my strength , i became more educated in term of my emotions and my behavior patterns , the thing which helped a lot whenever i remind myself to pause and react based on what i need to achieve not on how i feel about it . I regained my hope in humanity and in life , by learning the tools on how to function and receive the best experience possible . As i feel positive improvement in my happiness and satisfaction level i noticed a similar improvement in my physical health for example my energy level and IBS attacks .

3. What has changed and what strengths can you see that you have developed or enhanced from the experience? - i noticed huge improvement in my self confidence and anxiety , i was in breaking point and the help came at the right time . I learned to understand myself better and be aware of my emotions and what motivate my reaction patterns the thing which help me learn how to improve those reactions in order to receive the best reactions from others and minimize any consequences Although am more aware of my emotions now i became more accepting to them and started to acknowledge them while i used to deny or escape them , my aim became to educate myself on how to deal with them and express them in the best way to receive the best consequences to them. I learned the importance of not jumping to conclusion when it come to people , to give people the benefit of the doubt or even if not that i need to learn how to adapt to people regardless of my thoughts of them . I learned how important it is to remind myself to dare to go out of my comfort zone if i really want to make any change in my life , Jimmy always reminded me that I can't learn without trying especially when it come to socializing or changing patterns of behaviour . I learned tools that i can use to separate myself from negativity and to connect more to my expressive side and start to prosecute my passions. Be aware of my thoughts and look into positive opportunity in every situation and not submit to depression or stress.

4. What more would you have liked in your coaching sessions, how could they have been improved?

I don't think this can be any better. My therapist extremely helpful and understanding throughout my sessions i don't think i been an easy client , although i tried my best to be clear , honest and sincere but it been very difficult on the personal level to not fall back to old habits and safety zones , throughout my personal struggle Jimmy’s guidance and patience helped a lot in making my view more clear and directing me to the healing bath .

5. What did you like best about your coaching sessions? I sincerely appreciated how my therapist was able to understand what I meant throughout my emotional break out I was worried that I might not be clear yet he was able to understand and identify the core source of my problem and provide suggestions that help me understand better and learn how to work in improving my self . I honestly appreciate how he provided suggestions to educate me better about personalities and human reactions , the thing which can help a lot with my lack of experience .

Best regards

Mimi Ali

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