Sido, Algeria

Updated: May 31, 2021

Thank you for your help, it was really something I needed, I saw good results in only 6 weeks which is incredible.

Before the sessions I felt that I was hopeless and I was giving up, my anxiety was winning and I didn't do anything to fix that and even the smallest problems made me feel like a total loser.

Today I started to see the cup half full.

I have the tools to fight negative thoughts. I feel happier and stronger and I can see myself having a better life in the future which wasn't the case before. I'm planning to join a gym soon and I focus on having a good diet. I'm mentally stable and it's affecting my physical health in a really good way.

Now I have the courage to improve myself, deal with life and I’m no longer having the loser mentality. I can control my emotions and I keep trying even when I have bad days.

Thanks to the coaching I developed a positive way of thinking and I figured out what was exactly wrong in my life. I want to fix myself, become the best version of myself and remove depressive thoughts from my life.

I developed the will to fight for my happiness, I’m able to see life clearer.

I was lost because I didn't know what was exactly wrong with me and thanks to the coaching, I know what caused my depression/anxiety and I can finally work on solving these problems.

I was excited to do the session every week and talk with you. The sessions were literally mind blowing because of the reactions I had doing the exercises. It was also entertaining and I didn't feel time passing.

It was a pleasure talking to you and I’m really glad and lucky for getting your help. I wish you the best. Thank you to you and everyone at free hearts free minds for making this happen.

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