T, Bangladesh

Updated: Jan 27

Being an ExMuslim in Bangladesh is horrible. First your parents stop loving you, family members belittle you, friends make fun of you and insult you. No one appreciated me being an atheist.

I used to feel very down and negative about life. I thought my life was coming to an end. I would get flashbacks of my traumatic experiences. At times I felt like to killing myself and putting an end to the suffering. My mental health was really bad, due to my depression, I wasn't getting better physically.

After my sessions with Free Hearts Free Minds, now I'm feeling better. I'm thinking about a bright future. I want to feel like doing something productive. I have a positive mindset to do something with my life, I can't let it go to waste. My mental and physical health are ok and getting better gradually.

So many things changed, before I would get anxiety and fear. Now I'm replacing them with positive thoughts. I started seeing possible opportunities whereas few months back I felt like I'm trapped in a dark place. The experience is making me more strong, giving me strength to do something for fellow people like me.

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