Unjum, India

Updated: May 24, 2021

I would like to thank Yasmine and everyone else who made the coaching I received possible. It was really a great experience. Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in providing feedback. I have tried my best to explain my experience below but I think sometime words are not enough to explain these feelings and experiences.

Before starting my coaching sessions, I was in a state of chaos and could not see any possibilities. It was like everything was impossible and I’d already lost a number of good friends, so I was totally devastated and frustrated. This affected my physical and mental health badly. I was suffering from the issues of breathlessness, mood swings and Blood pressure problems. A feeling of loneliness and depression.

Digging deep inside me was a sense that there was no hope for the future. I was so afraid of reaching out to people and making conversations, afraid of rejection and ostracism, due to my atheism and religious disbelief. I was feeling hopeless about ever meeting a partner and was worried about my future.

After completing my sessions I felt motivation and encouragement. The coaching allowed me to find and accept possibilities, explore opportunities, overcoming my fears and practice self-acceptance. I am now motivated to approach life in a different way.

I discovered that there were a number of things that I was hiding from myself and struggling to understand, I avoided discussing them, not even with myself. But now I’ve understood that life is not limited, one can be anything one wants and everything is possible as long as the person is willing to put in the work and do what is needed.

The most impacting things that was constantly haunting me was acceptance by others and what I’ve learned is that I cannot control people and I should also understand that not everyone will appreciate me for what I am, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I am imperfect. One needs to get out of the shell of limiting beliefs and fears, to explore and experience the beauty of life.

These sessions have helped me to improve my mental strength and health and that has positively impacted my physical health.

My therapist equipped me with some cognitive tools that I’m continuing to use everyday and it really brings a smile through my face. A wonderful feeling, like enjoying a sunset from the rooftop top of a high building.

For me the best thing about these sessions are:

Constantly helped me to understand my inner self and overcoming my fears and weaknesses.

To understand the possibilities that I can achieve.

To explore and expand my social circle and know more people.

Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible.

Ms Unjum, India

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