Yasser, Pakistan

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Before I started my session I was suicidal and completely isolated. I wanted to end my life. I couldn't sleep. I wasn't eating properly. I didn't leave my room for days. I had severe headache and migraines. I wasn't healthy. Mentally and physically. The coaching sessions helped me get out of that suicidal and hopeless state I was in. Gave me hope. I'm hopeful and more positive now. I still can't go out much but I'm not isolated anymore. I want to live. I want to have a future. I don't want to give up. Physically I'm getting better. My sleeping pattern is not as messed up as it was before. I try to eat on time. I have less headaches. It's getting better by day. I'm not suicidal anymore. The cognitive exercises have helped me look at thing from a more positive and convenient perspective. I deal with day to day problems that an ex-Muslim has in a better way. I don't let negative thoughts get to me. I'm definitely more stronger than before. I wish we had more session. I wish it was more than an hour. I couldn't have had a better coach than Jimmy. He knew exactly what I was going through and he gave me my space to be myself and to express myself and I felt safe sharing some of the most personal stuff with him. It was professional and empathetic at the same time. It was so beautifully balanced that I didn't feel like I was halfway across the world talking to a coach. It wasn't uncomfortable at all to talk about things that one would normally won't talk about even with their coach. All in all the sessions were very helpful and beneficial. Jimmy was/is amazing. Yasser, Pakistan

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