Yasmine Mohammed

Yasmine is the Founder of FHFM. As well as volunteering her time to our causes, she is also an author, an activist, and a university instructor.

Ayesha Mohammed

Ayesha has a Master of Social Work degree and years of experience in suicide prevention, crisis intervention, counselling and inpatient mental health. In her undergraduate degree, Ayesha majored in law. She also has an additional qualification in education.  Ayesha is active in ExMuslim activism.

Obaid Omer

Obaid was born in India, grew up in Canada where he currently lives. He left Islam in his teens due to inconsistencies with science and the lack of evidence provided by religion. Obaid is a proponent of free speech and secularism. Obaid also is a co-host for the Heretics Corner podcast focusing on highlighting issues and dealing with apostasy.

Jesse Clarke

Jesse was born and raised in the UK as Yusef Seodi and has recently changed his name to Jesse Clarke this year. Jesse is a survivor of an Islamic child-abduction from the West to the Middle East (Egypt) when he was 4 years old. He left Islam around the age of 21 after seeing both first-hand and through research the awful mistreatment of many people within the faith and because of the faith. He is a staunch advocate of free speech and wants to do all he can to help liberate people that feel trapped within Islam, as well as help to reform the religion. 

Ian Dylan

Ian is an American atheist from West Virginia via Ohio. He is an advocate of free speech and secularism, as well as the principle of human and women's rights extending worldwide.

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Ian Dylan

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