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Free Hearts Free Minds is a nonprofit corporation committed to helping people living in countries that will persecute them or execute them for what they believe or for who they love.


Free Hearts refers to  members of the LGBT community and Free Minds refers to  freethinkers who choose to denounce the religion they were born into.


We offer psychosocial support sessions for our clients dealing with religious trauma.  All of our group session facilitators have lived through the experience of leaving Islam.

Free Hearts Free Minds is run by Yasmine Mohammed and a group of generous people passionate about helping individuals who yearn to be able to live with a free heart and a free mind.


So many things changed, before I would get anxiety and fear. Now I'm replacing them with positive thoughts. I started seeing possible opportunities whereas few months back I felt like I'm trapped in a dark place.

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will cover the cost of a 1 hour session


will cover the cost of 8 sessions-or a round of support for 1 individual 


per month will cover the cost of therapy for 2 people