Free Hearts Free Minds is committed to helping exMuslims successfully transition out of Islam and into a happy, healthy life. We offer exMuslims from Muslim majority countries psychotherapy and mental health support.  All of our therapists have lived through the experience of leaving Islam.

Free Hearts Free Minds is run by Yasmine Mohammed and a group of generous people passionate about helping individuals who have left Islam yet are stuck living in Muslim majority countries. 


I couldn't have had a better coach than Jimmy. He knew exactly what I was going through and he gave me my space to be myself and to express myself and I felt safe sharing some of the most personal stuff with him. It was professional and empathetic at the same time.



will cover the cost of a 1 hour session


will cover the cost of 8 sessions-or a round of support for 1 individual 


per month will cover the cost of therapy for 2 people

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